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Welcome! This is a place for creative people like YOU to learn practical ways to make money doing things you enjoy without selling your soul.

  • Learn to sell your artistic offerings
  • Make money with creativity
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Surviving while you launch

Side jobs that don't take up too much energy, so you have time to work on your business.

Courses for Creatives

Online and offline ways to start making money with your creations.

Selling Your Skills

Creative ideas for freelancing online so you can be location independent.

Training and Course Reviews


Resources for marketing art, writing, and other creative projects. How to reproduce visual art on demand, licensing art and more...

basics of building sites

Tech Stuff

How to get your site built without spending a ton of money. Adding video, audio, and building your social media pages, online stores and more.


Find ethical, high-quality products to market online that compliment your offerings while you build your brand.


Learn how to market your freelance skills. Courses on writing, virtual assistant work, and design.

From the Blog

7 Steps to Choosing Your Niche and Audience

Contents Where are your natural interests and tendencies pointing? What are your natural Talents? Make sure your topic isn’t too broad or too narrow. Look at what the market wants not only what you think they need Make sure your topic is not so narrow that you can’t write about it for several years Choosing

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Empowerment Meditation: Create a Million Dollars

Empowerment meditations can be useful to learn to condition your mind to believe in new outcomes. Automatic expectations rule our lives a lot of the time. Auto-program is a good thing when you’re driving the car or taking a shower or doing one of the millions of repetitive activities we need to do every day.

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