Why should you spend your free time looking at this site anyway?

Because having a source of income that isn’t based on trading time for money is EVERYTHING.

Trading time for money is for suckers. Trading time for money as a basis for life is a really bad idea. It ruins your life.

I wish I had known this years ago and focused on learning how to build a business with my own creativity and intellectual property that would scale.

Instead, I worked hard and tried to please other people and helped them build wealth through businesses that scaled. I worked multiple jobs at once and I freelanced as an illustrator and gave my services in trade for money. I survived. Period.

I ended up living in a Toyota Sienna minivan “down by the river” and teaching Pilates group classes until my voice grew scratchy and my knees hurt from standing there on the cheap cement floors watching people do Pilates badly.

When you trade your time for money your trajectory is going toward less and less energy, more sadness and boredom, frustration, and most likely poverty from what a job does to your spirit and your health.

Trading time for money does this to people, it sucks them dry and makes them sad and tired. 

Because no matter how many hours you work you only have so many hours in a day, so it just doesn’t scale. You are not leveraging anything.

And no matter how well you invest and save and buy those blue-chip stocks that Ramit Sethi says to buy it just isn’t a good model for building wealth or living a really great life. It just isn’t very satisfying or creative.

Sure, if you’re a doctor or lawyer or high paid designer and you enjoy the work it’s a little better.  But you still have to be there every day except for maybe a couple of weeks each year off if you’re lucky.

But still, even a salary job is no good because you have to be there every day. You cannot make your own schedule or be creative enough to make it worth the sacrifice.

And sure, you can do some hourly pay work or salary work if you enjoy it as a fun hobby on the side while you run your real business. But working as an employee is a form of slavery if you have to rely on it as your only source of income.

Even if you have your own freelance business, you cannot scale unless you have employees and you put them through the same brutal rigamarole that will suck them dry for your own profits. But I suggest you don’t create more of the same broken system. Do something else.

And of course, I am not saying quit your job (or jobs) today.

But I am saying you should start building something that scales with your creativity and intellectual property so that a year from now you can walk away or even stay at your job if you want to.

But a year from now you will have a choice!

Not having a choice is what makes you a slave.

So what are you going to do to change this mess you find yourself in?

Learn how to create the life you want while integrating your money-making activities and lifestyle so you have more time for creativity, exploration and growth.

About Zoe

Zoe is an artist and designer experimenting with building online sources of income selling art originals and printables so she can escape from Silicon Valley, live where she likes and make money while traveling and living in a way that makes more sense.