Do you have a big-enough-why-project in mind for when you start making the big bucks?

If you are anything like me you want to build your business to the point where it is making lots of passive income so you have time and freedom. But it is a  good idea to start thinking about what you are going to do with all that time and freedom and money now.

What are rich bloggers doing with all that moolah?

I read all these inspiring stories about people making a lot of money with blogging and other businesses. Like insane amounts of money, 10 thousand a month or 20 thousand a month or 100 thousand a month etc., and a lot of these people are still under 30 so they have a long life ahead of them to change the world for the better.

Some of these wealthy bloggers have exciting big-enough-why-projects like Heath and Alyssa, full-time time RV’ers who are looking to start an RV park. They have also stared an RV entrepreneur summit yearly. I really like their vision.

Lauren and Alex of Create and Go are still working their butts off and loving it. But they have done a little traveling too. Michelle  Gardener has sold her RV and is living on a boat at the time of this writing and loving her life.

Kristen Larson of Believe in a Budget just had her first month over 100-K in April of 2018. She is working on building her business full time and is branching out from Pinterest VA stuff into Amazon arbitrage.

Jon Morrow is living the dream from his beautiful beach home in Mexico I think, or he could have several houses at this point. His dream seems to be about inspiring others to become successful in blogging and writing. at this writing, he has launched a new intensive 9-month course. His big enough why was to not get put into a nursing home to rot.

Steve Chou of My Wife Quit Her job is probably still be working his day job while he also builds an online empire. This guy is amazingly organized, motivated and energetic.

He loves his engineering job but his wife hated her job. So to keep her happy and give her time to stay home with the kids they started an online store. He also ended up starting a brilliant podcast and online store course.

What is your big enough why project?

rainbow in parking lot

I mean yeah, people travel and buy houses and cars or live frugally and happily staying in nice air BNB homes all over the planet while they make money

from their laptops.

But come on! There has to be more than that for a big-enough-why-project.

What do you want to do after you pay off your college loans, get all the personal stuff you need to be healthy and happy and take care of your family and friends?

Here is what I am gonna do when I get there:

First, you have to start stretching your mind out so it can think new thoughts.

This is my stretching exercise for my big-enough-why-project. Its free to think so I don’t have to be frugal or worry about how much anything costs or how outrageous my ideas are, or why they wouldn’t work.

My-big-enough-why-project is a combination of tiny house village, ecovillage, and co-housing situation with add-ons. It will have tiny houses because I love sustainable off-grid living and the ideals of permaculture.

I love community, and I love gardening and I love the idea of having fresh food year round from my huge greenhouse.

Imagine affordable tiny house campuses all over the world

It would be really fun to build one “tiny-house-campus” and then once that gets going we could spread the idea and build 30 more or 100 more or thousands more.

I am picturing a world with semi-rural tiny house villages close to cities (in case we feel like working in the city or going there for fun). But these would be affordable, legal, pleasant, and sustainable.

Flexible semi-nomadic living

It would be easy to move your super-art-van, RV, or tiny house from village to village if you wanted to be nomadic or collaborate on a project with a specific campus/village a few states away.

It would also be easy to fly or sail across the world to collaborate on a business or project and live in another similar village affordably.

Like a tiny house village but better

I like the idea of living in a tiny-house-village but they are still few and far between. Tiny house villages are hard to find and hard to afford because of zoning laws. You can get your own land and struggle for the right to have a house that is smaller than a normal house but then you are isolated. Or you can join one of the few RV parks in the US that allow tiny houses too. But then you are in an RV park.

Like an RV park but green and sustainable

Most RV parks need to charge a lot for spaces in order to make money so it isn’t sustainable long-term living for a lot of people.

In most RV parks there is no off grid or green element and you have to get all your food from a grocery store and hook up to the power grid.

“My” villages will be off-grid solar and wind powered and have greenhouses and garden farms with food for all. Much of the farming will robotize and shared human labor.

We won’t have to take advantage of low-pay laborers to have food.

Maybe some people on the tiny house campus could specialize in robotics and farming and work 2 to 4 hours a day on the food and infrastructure part. That way people could have money while they build their own business if they want or build better and better farming systems if that is what they want to do. Plus they could go to different villages anywhere and have skilled jobs.

Humane labor on site instead of unseen workers far away

We would have things like raised plant beds so you don’t have to stoop to pick low growing crops like strawberries.

We would be a model of humane growing methods that don’t torture humans who harvest the crops and then on top of that give them crap wages. We could all get some exercise sharing labor 2 hours a day. like communism gasp!

Or if you don’t want to chip in you could pay someone a high wage to do your share. like capitalism gasp! (Except for the high wage for useful work part.)

We could be a model for paying people very high wages for the most important jobs that we really need to have done like food and child care and infrastructure maintenance.

Well, why the hell not?

Pricing and pay scale are all made up anyway so why not make up new ones?

We sent humans to the moon.

Surely we can come up with ways to grow food that does not require stoop labor, low pay, and breathing toxic roundup.

What if there was a way to make it worth it financially?

I like the idea of an eco-village because of the diversity, and community, but I don’t like the poverty mentality that usually goes along with that structure.

I have visited and been part of communal living that is poverty centered and it isn’t fun at all. All you do is deal with broken tools that you can’t afford to repair and going off to work a job you hate.

Usually, sustainable communities have a fear and hate of money. They struggle and end up failing.

On-site businesses

I would like a similar structure but without the lack of meaningful jobs available near these rural and urban situations and the constant struggle that makes a lot of these things fail.

I like the cohousing structure but all the money comes from peoples own pockets from working for the old structure.

What if things could be combined to create a village that generates money and grows businesses on-site?

And not just the usual struggling organic farm businesses that barely scrape by but high tech stuff as well.

What if it grew all its own food and produced all of its own energy and was a think tank campus that grew money by selling ideas and products that people want as well?

I know a lot of people who are into sustainability think business is dirty and wanting it is dirty but what if we could have money in an ethical way and have sustainability.

Most of the back-to-the-land style communities struggle to be humble and do natural farming and then have to struggle to work local low-pay jobs on the side.

What if we could be humble and rich at the same time? What if there was a new way to be rich without being wasteful and cruel? Kind of like Ed Begley Jr.


  • finding other ways to bring income in so we don’t have to make housing prices high
  • Water cisterns and composting toilets that work properly
  • Solar and wind power
  • Urban farm style tech
  • Simumeat instead of real meat so it is not a vegan community because that is too restrictive for allowing cool people who may not want to stop eating animals. but meat what if we had meat that was “grown”  without killing. Why not? it’s only a couple years out before this becomes normal and feasible.
  • Off-grid but high tech low EMF design so we don’t expose kids to a lot of EMFs
  • Unschooling or homeschooling with lots of resources for all ages to learn and grow. Lots of mental stimulation.
  • Affordable while helping people grow passive wealth
  • Somewhat cohousing style and somewhat ecovillage style with privacy, Your own land or home but also shared things like a main house or conference center or learning center,  greenhouses, a huge garden, roof gardens.
  • innovative green buildings, a place to learn how to do cob cottages, packed earth etc.
  • permaculture training
  • tech training
  • manufacturing training for sustainable greener alternatives to making the things we need and want
  • Campus learning centers online and offline
  • Bringing in money with collaborative projects

Over to You

What’s your big enough why project? An island maybe? Or a whole planet terraformed for your community?

Hey think big it’s free!

Leave a comment below and tell me about what you really want to do when you make enough money to stop working your soul-crushing day job!